We provide a complete service from conception to completion of your project. This ensures what's proposed is created and also enables us to keep design cost reasonable.

1st stage - Free initial consultation
An opportunity to walk the garden with you, asses the growing conditions, discuss your preferences and options. Measurements and photos will also be taken.

2nd stage - You will receive from us...
Information on the planting scheme, detailing plant choices, flowering times, colours and what to expect from the scheme over the course of the seasons. Photos of the plants proposed and of course a detailed quote. This is provided free of charge.

For larger or detailed projects a plan is usually required. These typically cost £275.00 inc. VAT. You will be provided with an outline plan of your garden showing location of proposed beds, borders, trees, shrubs and perennials.

3rd stage - The work
This begins with preparing the site for planting, proper ground preparation is important. Typically this begins with will spraying undesirable growth, followed by the removal of shrubs, trees or turf as required. In most cases we then use a mini digger to achieve a deep cultivation of planting areas. A three inch layer of a compost and manure mix is spread over the soil which is then rotorvated in leaving a weed free, deep and enriched soil in which to plant.

This high level of preparation is well rewarded in plant establishment, long term performance and their tolerance to drought. Once the site is prepared the whole scheme is laid out and planted. A return visit is sometimes required to plant seasonal subjects such as bulbs and bare root plants when they become available.

4th stage - Aftercare
Although our schemes tend to be low maintenance (as often requested) it is important that the little work required is carried out. A simple maintenance program will be supplied to make this easier. We replace any plants which fail during their first growing season for no charge (providing this is not a result of animal damage or a lack of watering).

We are keen to check on the progress of our work and aim return the following growing season to see our scheme in full flower. We are always happy to offer ongoing maintenance advice.